Monday, July 22, 2019

1965 Aston Martin "James Bond" DB5 007

Upon my visit to Sotheby's to see the Chatsworth exhibit, I was thrilled to find out they had the James Bond Aston Martin from 1965! They are going to be auctioning it off, and I must say, not being a big James Bond fan, it blew my mind away. Here is some info on the car along with some cool, up close photographs. The "Most Famous Car in the World" is valued at 4 to 6 million US dollars. I have a feeling it may go beyond that price when it is officially sold. 

From Sotheby's: 

N o one could have predicted the fabulously successful multi-decade synergy that would develop when production designer Ken Adam and special effects man John Stears visited Aston Martin’s Newport-Pagnell plant in late 1963. The two men were on a mission to source a pair of the latest Aston Martin models for use in Eon Productions’ third adaptation of an Ian Fleming novel, again about the MI6 superspy with a license to kill, James Bond. The film was called Goldfinger.

Two near-identical cars were built and loaned to Eon Productions for filming, with each fulfilling various roles; one for stunt driving and chase sequences and therefore needing to be lightweight and fast, and the other for interior shots and close-ups, to be equipped with functional modifications created by Stears. As Desmond Llewelyn’s legendary weapons-master Q would go on to explain to Sean Connery’s 007, the Snow Shadow Gray-painted DB5 was equipped with front and rear hydraulic over-rider rams on the bumpers, a Browning .30 caliber machine gun in each fender, wheel-hub mounted tire-slashers, a raising rear bullet-proof screen, an in-dash radar tracking scope, oil, caltrop and smoke screen dispensers, revolving license plates, and a passenger-seat ejection system. Although never used during the film, the car was also equipped with a telephone in the driver’s door to communicate with MI6 headquarters and a hidden compartment under the driver’s seat containing several weapons. 

It was difficult to shoot the inside of the car with the sun shining in the windows 
How can you not love this car ? 

The Bond DB5 will be on view at Sotheby's New York from 28 June through 31 July.

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