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Lladró Boutique on Madison Avenue

I was thrilled to visit the Lladró boutique this weekend on Madison Avenue after they contacted me to partner with them.  Lladró is a very respected company, having been in business since the 1950's. 

Here is some information on the company history from their website:

In 1953 Juan, José and Vicente Lladró make their first creations inspired by an experimental vocation in a Moorish furnace built in their own home in Almàssera (Valencia). By 1955 they begin making sculptures in which a clear influence of the trends of the XVIII century can be observed. These pieces evoke the works of former porcelain artists such as Meissen, Sèvres and Capodimonte.

The displays in their window were just marvelous.  
Pieces that will be handed down from generation to generation.  
Issued in 2008, this piece in the window was just so lovely! The detail is just mind-blowing! 
Lladro presents the third part of Re-Cyclos, an ongoing project in which renowned designers use already existing elements of Lladró creations to breathe life into new pieces. The UK designers Clare Page and Harry Richardson, members of the Committee team, draw inspiration from the flowers, animals and angels in the Lladró catalogue to offer us a personal vision of the different stages of love, the wonders of the animal kingdom or the inherent curiosity of all creatures. Evocative, poetic creations with a touch of humor.

 Lladró home décor is a truly lovely addition to their product line. They carry a wide variety of chandliers, hanging, wall and table lamps. This type of décor for your home is something you will have forever, and future generations will enjoy as well. The lamp above would make any room it was placed in much more chic.  
So beautiful !  
The detail in these pieces are really just over-the-top.  
 Lladró really showcases the new trends for lighting as well as their various products on their website. I really loved this light above, it is just so elegant and would add so much to a room. 

How adorable is this? What a lovely gift !  
I was thrilled to see the Lladró candles within their home fragrance line. They all smelled wonderful, and I love the little cherub at the top. 

I did purchase one of them, GARDENS OF VALENCIA, A fruity aroma with notes of bergamot, tuberose and vanilla. Fresh as the land where Lladró creations are born. I am also thrilled that you can keep the glass the candle is housed in, and use to hold cotton balls or q-tips very elegantly. 

I love unique gifts, and these necklaces titled Animal Heroes, are for sure a unique gift. I thought they were wonderful, and then when I read the cause behind it, felt even better.  

I was left speechless looking at their jewelry line, so unique and interesting. I love when I wear a piece of jewelry and everyone asks me where it was from. That is when you know you have a winner, lots of compliments and these will for sure allow you to receive lots of praise. 

I absolutely loved this lamp! Mademoiselle Table Lamp Daniela is the title, and I cannot imagine anyone not loving this receiving as a gift ! Unique, beautiful and a real stunner, what is there not to love!  

How gorgeous is that mirror and those lamps? Pure elegance defined by Lladró for your home decor

The Hairstyle collection of lamps from Lladró Atelier, the brand’s laboratory of ideas, has been created in collaboration with the Japanese designer Hisakazu Shimizu. The lamps are inspired by historical Japanese characters and their unique hairstyles. They are decorated in black and white and some touches of golden luster. The lampshades are completely handmade with several layers of blown Murano glass and they are inspired by the Sandogasa, a kind of wide traditional straw travelling hat worn in medieval Japan on long journeys. The smooth rounded base is made in satin black lacquered wood.

The Firefly lamp is pure genius as it is beautiful. You charge it, therefore it is cordless, and can be moved to any part in your home where you need lighting. Fantastic idea!! 

The firefly’s magical quality of emitting light is the inspiration for Firefly, the first collection of cordless lamps in Lladró porcelain. These table lamps with chargeable batteries and independent LED lighting are perfect any indoor or outdoor space. With designs inspired by plant motifs and decorated with attractive combinations of colors, they combine state-of-the-art cordless lighting technology with the exclusiveness of handmade Lladró porcelain, including the screens whose translucent quality lets the light filter through to produce a warm, intense glow.

He is just too darn adorable! 
I really loved this piece as color just makes everyone happy!  
This guy was just fantastic!  
Love the color theme on this Firefly lamp.  

The source of inspiration for this truly spectacular piece can be found in the mystery shrouding the famous Venetian masks, the beautiful and sumptuous fancy dress and the sheer romanticism that surrounds the Carnival in Venice. The focus of attention in this bust is the floral headdress, a virtuoso exercise by the artists in the High Porcelain workshop.

For sure this chandelier would be an outstanding piece in any home.  
Lord Shiva, the Hindu god of meditation and the arts, in a sculpture made in High Porcelain, Lladró’s maximum artistic category. A piece that boasts many complex decorative techniques, like golden luster, and a large amount of handmade flowers made petal by petal. Shiva’s attributes are finely defined with a host of details enhancing his majestic character: the trident, the drum, the snake, the bands of Rudraksha and the bun in his hair. The base provides room for the optional piece Lingam (01001981), a symbol used to worship Shiva and to overcome any situation that impedes personal growth.

This piece was so stunning in person! 

I just loved the Lladró logo on the door going out! I hope you enjoyed this visit, and that I showed you some items that arouse your curiosity. If you are looking for a unique gift,  or something fabulous for your own home,  Lladró is a place you must visit! 

                    Be sure to visit Lladro on their social media accounts: FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Disclosure: I was very honored to partner with Lladró on this feature. I only recommend products that I feel will be of interest to my readers, and that I am truly impressed by. All opinions are my own.  Thank you!! 

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