Monday, May 17, 2021

Grand Bazaar Opening June 6, 2021

Happy Monday everyone! Wonderful news to report that the fantastic Grand Bazaar on the Upper West Side is reopening June 6th. This awesome market has indoor and outdoor vendors but I believe they will be just starting with the outdoor for now, they do have a very big space for the vendors. The market donates 100% of it's proceeds to local public schools, which it has done since it's inception founded as the Green Flea in 1982. The name changed to Grand Bazaar in 2016. 

This was actually one of the last places I visited when in the city February 2020 before everything locked down. Little did I know at the time, I would not be back wandering around the best city in the world for over a year! 

You can find a wonderful array of items here - vintage jewelry, handbags, local artists and designers. On a gorgeous weather day on a Sunday, it is the perfect place to be. Here are some of the cool items I have seen while visiting the Grand Bazaar. 

Just love these coats !! 

They normally have food but not sure when that will be back this year 
These were quite heavenly 

Gorgeous handbags as I do collect them you know 
New or vintage usually catch my eye 

Vintage Jewelry to blow your mind 

I purchased one of the initial necklaces for $15 and have been seeing almost the same item on Nordstrom website for much more money 

I wanted these glasses in the worst way but wasn't sure I could get them home in one piece 

Be sure to add this fantastic place on your NYC to do list !! A great way to spend a lazy Sunday in the city! 

10AM TO 5:30PM 


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