Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pier Antique Show November 22 and 23, 2014

A really fabulous event in the winter/colder months in New York City is the Pier Antique Show. It runs November and March, it is all inside, and you can really just be amazed at what you can find. The prices are from very affordable, to mid-level to very high end, which I like, something for everyone. You can spend hours wandering around, looking at all the gorgeous pieces. Here are some of my photos from when I attended last November.
The vintage jewelry will make your head spin!  
This sign made me smile! 
Lots of vintage holiday decorations can be found at this show 
Fashion Alley is where all the vintage clothing, jewelry and shoes can be found  
I was thrilled to see these ceramic trees as my Mom made many of them to decorate our home. The seller told me they are very popular overseas, which I was kind of surprised. 
Who doesn't love a Tiffany style lamp?  
These 2 were just having a chat eating their lunch!  
I really loved these bracelets. They were a bit out of my price range, but oh so original 
I love these multi- olor glassware items  
Many great accessory pieces for your kitchen  
You can also find here large pieces of furniture as well  

The wall of Birkin's which made me take a little tiny bow !! 


Tickets are $20 - valid both days of the show
*Children under 16 free when accompanied by an adult

Show Dates - November 22 - 23, 2014
Show Hours - 10am - 6pm

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