Thursday, July 25, 2013

Photo Gallery Thursday " Whoopie Pies"

Ahh, summer means farmers markets and that means Whoopie Pies! Some of my readers outside the USA may not know what a "whoopie pie" is......made of 2 round shaped pieces of chocolate cake (sometimes pumpkin too) with a sweet creamy filling or frosting in the middle. New England and the Amish from Pennsylvania both state they began this insane tradition. I have also seen a chocolate cake with peanut butter filling, and that is really quite heaven. 

Have you had a Whoopie Pie? Did you like them? 

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CGstrein said...

How I do love whoopie pies!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

i haven't had one in a really long time. we have moonpies here and i am so not a big fan of those. hahaha these look soooo good! :D

miss b said...

I tried whoopie pies from one of the bakeriesin London - Hummingbird, I think and we enjoyed them. We actually tried to make them at home and they were OK but I think I need to practise more!

Lisa Gordon said...

Loved them as a kid, and still do!!! :-)

Paula said...

Yum whoopie pies! I had a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter center - was D-VINE

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

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