Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hayley Cakes from Bloomsburg Pennsylvania

We have a local farmer's market in our area, on Thursdays, and since yesterday was not so humid, I took a walk at lunch. It is great to purchase items at the market, as always fresh and so tasty. I kind of get bored when we have the same vendors year after year, I like variety. So when I stumbled upon Hayley Cakes, I had to see what they were. And to my utter delight, they were CUPPIES ! I honestly don't know why there is not a cupcake bakery in every town, the craze is not going away! In fact, it is bigger than ever!  
I was really in heaven here, yes those are very large biscotti! They call themselves a "cakery", opened in August of 2012, making scones, gourmet cupcakes, biscotti, custom and specialty cakes, cake pops and tarts. Bloomsburg is about a 45 minute drive from my home. The packaging was done very well and everything looked so good! 
I choose the mini-cuppies to take home, this way we could try a few different flavors. They were very, very good. They even had a filling inside (not expected) and the cake was very moist.  
I think I will be back to try the bigger ones next time, so nice to see some local folks taking advantage of an opportunity. If you are one of my local readers, visit the Farmer's Market on Thursday for some of their wonderful baked goods, or take a trip to Bloomsburg and see their full range of items. 

417 West Main Street 
Bloomsburg, Pa 17815

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A Very Sweet Blog said...

Rosemary, their cupcakes look heavenly. I just discovered a cupcake shop here and will feature them Monday on the blog. I love Farmer's markets. We have two here that I need to check out. It's important to buy local. Great post!

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