Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pigalle New York City Restaurant Review

Pigalle is one of my favorite places to dine in New York City. The location is near the theater district, 8th Ave and West 48th Street, has been a pick up location for my bus for many years. When I did my charity trip to the city in October, I took 2 co-workers with me for dinner.  
The decor is very Parisian, and fun. I really love those chairs. 
I went with the 3 course special for about $34.00 I believe. French onion soup was my first choice and it was really very tasty. 
My co-workers both had the same dinner, Steak au Poivre with french fries, vegetable and a brandy cream peppercorn sauce. It looked wonderful and they said it was really very good. 
My main course was scallops, which I love, with mashed potatoes and spinach. The portions are always very generous here, even for breakfast, which I have visited a few times as well. 

My dessert, which I shared with everyone, creme brulee, a nice light sweet treat after dinner.

The food was very good as always, but the service was quite confusing this time. Our waitress was very rude from the beginning, and so when we got our bill, we all decided to not give a very big tip. I don't think we even gave 10% to be honest, but we didn't feel she deserved 20%. We put the cash in the case with the bill, and myself along with one other lady went to the ladies room. The lady we left at the table said the waitress came, grabbed the check. Then she brought it back saying something must be wrong. The lady at our table said she would talk to us when we got back. Basically she wasn't happy with her tip, and returned it for more! I never heard of such a thing! Normally when I leave cash for payment, I leave right away, so I never have the chance for them to do that. She was not a good waitress, and we gave her just a small tip because of it. We actually were ready to take away what we had given, but we left it there, and went on our way. Have you ever had this happen? I know tipping is a big topic lately with restaurants, and I really feel if the service is good, I tip 20% or more if the waiter is extremely good. If it is bad, I don't feel I should tip as much. I did read online this restaurant tries to trick you with tipping, which I found sad. I do like the place, the food was excellent, and I will return, but hopefully will not get this lady again to wait on me! 

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NY Magazine recently had an article about What tips mean to the folks who wait on us. I thought it was very interesting especially after my encounter above. You can read it HERE and then please come back and leave your thoughts below. A very touchy topic indeed! 

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