Friday, April 28, 2017

Easter Brunch with The Milliners Guild

My Easter Brunch with Ellen Christine and the Milliners Guild was a wonderful 
day. The weather was a bit on the hot side, but I enjoyed the day very much. 
Our brunch was in the Upper West Side, Trattoria Machiavelli

The Milliner's Guild had a Easter Parade of hats on display! 

The restaurant was very lovely 

Banana ricotta pancakes were on the menu! 

Gorgeous hat designs were on the menu as well 

A few of the lovely ladies from the Milliner's Guild: (left to right) 

The restaurant had a very nice crowd 

Dessert is a requirement for Easter Brunch 

The restaurant displayed the wonderful hats in unique ways 

Loved this gorgeous lamp! 

My talented friend, Ellen Christine, with her most fabulous Easter Bonnet! 

I was very thrilled to be included in this lovely brunch and I hope to get back to Trattoria 
Machiavelli for another brunch. The food and atmosphere was really delightful. 

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