Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Corning Museum of Glass Gift Shop

We are back at the fantastic Corning Museum of Glass today, hitting their gift shop. As you know, I LOVE museum gift shops, and this one didn't disappoint. My only issue was you have to look at what you are purchasing as some items in the store were made in China. That had me a bit upset, they really should be carrying all items Made in USA.  
Very pretty paperweights which I purchased for a good friend. 
I just love the colors, they make you happy!  
Really gorgeous perfume bottles  

These were really cool, I believe that is real gold inside that design. I would hope so for $5000.00.  
This totally blew my mind. These are all made out of glass, so so darn
John Miller is a pretty talented guy!  
How can you not smile when you see these?  

If money were no object, what a heck of a great gift!  

How lucky I was to find this cool video of Mr. Miller making an oversized, calorie free, donut!
If you have the time to watch this, is it pretty incredible what they can do with glass!    
I just really love it ! 

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