Monday, October 10, 2016

The Front Page on Broadway

I am very picky about Broadway shows. I have not been to many of them, I like to go when actors I enjoy are performing. My list of attended shows are: Mamma Mia, The Producers, The Odd Couple, Chaplin, The Lion King, Sylvia and It's Only a Play. I really enjoy Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick, separate and even better, together. When I heard about The Front Page opening with the cast of many of my favorites, I knew I had to go.  

Walking through Times Square is so not a favorite of mine, and luckily I was there on a Wednesday afternoon, which made it a little less crazy.  
The fabulous play Matilda, from the Ronald Dahl book, is a favorite with the younger crowd.  
That is some line-up, no? I was really thrilled to see all these talented folks in one show. For sure worth my admission ticket! 

Here is some info about the play which was written in 1928:

The classic comedy The Front Page hits Broadway once again in 2016, boasting an incredible cast of theatre and movie royalty. Directed by three time Tony winner Jack O'Brien (Hairspray, Henry IV), this revival is headlined by Broadway darling and two-time Tony winner Nathan Lane (The Producers), last seen on The Great White Way in the similarly starry It's Only a Play. Joining him in the cast are screen legend John Goodman (10 Cloverfield Lane), John Slattery (Mad Men) and Tony winners Jefferson Mays (A Gent's Guide to Love & Murder) and Rosemary Harris (The Lion in Winter).

First produced in 1928, The Front Page set the template for all wisecracking, rapid-fire comedies that followed. Written by former Chicago reporters Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur, this witty escapade follows a court reporter who must ask the assistance of his tyrannical editor when he stumbles upon the story of a lifetime. A big hit in its day, it has been been adapted for the silver screen multiples times, most famously as His Girl Friday, with Gregory Peck and Rosalind Russell. 
In addition to the legends above, I also enjoyed seeing Dylan Baker (Colin Sweeney on The Good Wife), John Magaro (Lorna's husband Vinnie from Orange is the New Black), Christopher McDonald (Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore), Dann Florek (Law & Order) and Micah Stock who was in It's Only a Play. There is no shortage of talent here whatsoever!  
The Broadhurst Theatre is very lovely, this was my first time seeing a show here. 
The Broadhurst opened on September 27, 1917 with George Bernard Shaw's Misalliance, the first New York production of the philosophical 1910 comedy.  
The ladies sitting behind me were pretty interesting. Older ladies, who had no clue
what the play was about, or who was in it. I find that rather sad, they may have 
gotten tickets for free, or just go to many shows and not really look at the 
information about them. I am very particular about what I go to see. The lady sitting next
to me didn't seem happy about the play, how could you not be? Asking how 
long it was, and after the 2nd intermission, left and didn't come back. Sad.  
One day I would love a balcony seat!  

The first act of the play was kind of slow. The big names were not in the first act at all, which was kind of disappointing. After that however, I felt it really become very good. John Slattery was quite a main character, and his Mad Men-ish attire had me very happy. He looks great in a hat! John Goodman was really funny, he looked great and pretty trim. When Nathan Lane came into the play, people really started roaring with laughter. He is such a comic Broadway legend, if you have never seen him in a play, you need to do so. It is worth every penny. I was also really amused by Micah Stock, who was in It's Only a Play with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick. He is a really funny guy, and his scenes had me grinning from ear to ear. Robert Morse was really great as well, just perfect in his character. I would highly recommend this show, if you like comedies, you have your best performers here.
Broadhurst Theatre 
235 West 44th Street 
Opens October 20, 2016 to January 29, 2017

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