Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer Fancy Food Show 2016 Part 2

We are back for Day 2 of the Fancy Food Show . There were many brands in the show, but 2 stood out to me, Crown Maple, which sells online. They are in business since 2010. 

If you have never had "real" maple syrup, you need to try it. It will blow your mind! 

HURD Orchards had wonderful jams with the most lovely packaging! When you try real jam, it has such a robust flavor than the fake stuff in the supermarkets. I am very lucky my local Wegmans has many great brands available for me to purchase. Hurd Orchards does sell on their website which is fantastic! 
This photo and below is from our friends at MarieBelle which has a lovely chocolate cafe in Soho. This chocolate salami was really so yummy, and makes a unique gift for just about any chocolate lover. 

I loved this July 4th holiday macaron tree from Dana's Bakery  was just wonderful 

They had cannoli macarons late last year, and I had to order. They were really very good and they ship on their website which makes it so darn easy. 

This show was really just food at every turn! How great is this set up ? 

Another one of my Mom's favorites, Prosciutto is an Italian dry-cured ham that is usually thinly sliced and served uncooked; it is to die for! We tried quite of few different companies at the show, and they all just melted right in your mouth. This ham tastes wonderful with melon, or just on top of a pizza! 

Edmund Fallot has some of the best condiments you will find, and would work great in a food gift basket for sure! 

Okay, these just make me laugh! How fantastic are these chocolate bars? I can't even stand it! 

They are available at Chelsea Market Baskets, and I need to go and try to figure out which ones I want to purchase! What a hard decision - the Queen and Lady Gaga are just too much! 

Yes, I got to meet Bob from Bob's Red Mill. He was very nice, and when he heard I was a blogger, he said that is how customers find out about his products. He has a full time social media person for his company, and it's a fantastic way to reach his customers. We received a signed cookbook as well, which was pretty neat. 

The English Provender Co. was another very high quality jam company. They also have ginger and lemon curd which was very tasty. For us in the USA, we can order via Amazon as it is a UK company. 

Callie's Biscuits had HOT biscuits and I was very bad and tried 2 flavors! I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful they were, the cinnamon were just pure heaven! 

They are available at my favorite food website Goldbely and then you will be a very, very happy person! 

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