Monday, July 11, 2016

Summer Fancy Food Show 2016 Part 1

This is going to be a week for foodies on the blog! I had the pleasure of attending my first Fancy Food Show the end of June, and it didn't disappoint. The shows are held in San Francisco for the Winter every January, and in New York City for the Summer, every June. 

North America’s Largest Specialty Food and Beverage Event comes to New York City annually in the late June / Early July timeframe. Discover 180,000 products including confections, cheese, coffee, snacks, spices, ethnic, natural, organic and more. Connect with 2,400 exhibitors from 50 countries & regions.

It is a mind-blowing event, and I had always wanted to attend, this was the year! I found so many wonderful new as well as products I use myself, that I felt we needed to showcase this for the whole week. Be sure to not read this week's posts on an empty stomach. I am just warning you ahead of time! Let's get on with the show! 

The show is held at the Jacob Javits Center, which is a huge facility! 
Loved this chef ! 
One of the first products I came across, which really looked wonderful. Both sets of my Grandparents came from Naples, Italy where Mt. Vesuvius is located. Totally cool! 

Potlicker Kitchen makes Carrot Cake jam. It is so amazing, you can't even believe it. This is a MUST try for yourself. I had seen this online, and was so glad to finally taste it. 

Sidehill Farm Jam is a wonderful company from Vermont. I was very happy to go through this state as they make some of the most amazing food products! My Mom's favorite was lemon curd, and this one was one of the 2 best of the show. I need to order some very soon! The flavor was just out of this world, and I loved they served it with Nilla wafers! 

These ladies were having some great fun with their bagel skirts ! 

Beet juice is something that is very good for you, and this brand from Love Beets was very yummy. I didn't mind enjoying this drink for my health at all. 

Salad Girl had wonderful displays such as the one above, showcasing a new flavor of Dark Cocoa and Sea Salt. You can do some amazing things with this in your kitchen! 

Big T Coastal Provisions had some fantastic seafood dips. I love seafood, I could eat it everyday. Their new dips of Whitefish and Salmon were so fresh and tasty. I believe Wal-Mart carries this brand, a place I do not shop, but will run in to see if I can find these dips! 

Maple walnut cheddar cheese? Yes, I will take some of that! 

I am very grateful to my Mom for introducing me to many types of foods. Hummus was something she loved as well, and we always had in the house. We even tried to make our own, but it wasn't quite up to speed. I found this pumpkin hummus from Lancaster Hummus and I nearly lost my MIND! It is totally amazing, so delish! I am trying to figure out how I can get my hands on some of this for my own kitchen. 

I really liked the packaging on these BBQ sauces. I find when the presentation is done well, I am drawn to the product, don't you ? 

Rocking Chair Mix® is an extraordinary blend of cereals, pretzels and roasted almonds each coated with layer upon layer of creamy, white confection*. It's sweet, it's salty, it's crunchy, it's nutty.

*The coating contains NO hydrogenated oil and is FREE OF trans fat, artificial coloring and artificial flavoring. I really enjoyed this, it wasn't too sweet, and very light for a snack. 

I really just loved the packaging on these bars! I like to put a lovely chocolate bar on a card as a little gift for someone. These could go in a frame if you are careful enough when opening. 

Chocolate BBQ sauce had me at the word chocolate! It was very unique and I would purchase in a heartbeat. 

I have been a HUGE fan of Fran's chocolates, they are really oh so good. They use high quality ingredients and are so smooth and just delish. 

I hope you enjoyed the first day of my favorite products from the Fancy Food Show! Stay tuned for the next post for more wonderful companies making amazing products!

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