Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Maison Kayser Breakfast

I made a trip to Maison Kayser while in the city this past Saturday. I have had their pastry before, it is really just fabulous, but decided to go for some savory this time. A bit of a brunch was needed before my visit to the fabulous Museum of Arts and Design
This location has seating outside and inside, the layout is very nice and simple 
I am not too familiar with Parisian foods, the desserts are more my speed, so I ordered something with flavors I liked and got surprised! This was the Les Cocottes, the Parisian, house smoked ham - organic eggs - mushrooms - gruyere' cheese and Tourte de Meule. It is kind of cool to order something you have no idea what they are going to bring you!! 
Let's just say, I am looking up this recipe to try to re-make for myself. It was so yummy, I just had a smile on my face the whole time. It was just the right portion as well, and I will be back here very soon for more savory to feel like I am in Paris! Just out of this world!! 

Oh and these are their pastries: 

A must visit for locals and tourists, if you see one of their cafes in your travels, be sure to stop in. You will be very glad you did!!
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Maison Kayser


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