Friday, May 29, 2015

A Shopping Trip to Flying Tiger NYC

One of my "to-do" lists when in the city last Wednesday was to stop by the new shop Flying Tiger. Located in one of my most favorite areas of the city, the Flatiron, this Danish home decor store, is a real fabulous find! I was hoping to stop in on a non-Saturday trip as I figure the weekends will be crazy busy! 
I hope you don't mind the l o n g post, but had to show you the cool items they carry. This is not everything of course, and depending on how well this first USA store does, they will look into online shopping for their website. The lady checking me out said many were asking about that, many items are larger and would be easier to order online and have shipped home. 
 I really wanted a reason to buy one of these colorful bells, but I couldn't think of one! How cool are they? I just love how colorful everything is that I found! 
Just too cute! 
Love these pegs, I am thinking for a clothes line? 
I always wanted a biscuit or chocolate notepad, haven't you? The prices are just right as well, I was really enjoying this shopping trip! 

I used to have a hot dog eraser, can't remember where I put it to be honest! 
These items are just so darn fun, I had a smile on my face the whole time walking around this store! 

These placemats were so pretty. I thought they would be neat to frame as well. 
Color here, so pretty, I like mixing different colors for your tabletop. 
This was one item I would buy online as I didn't want to carry it around all day. For $8 you cannot go wrong here and it was pretty heavy which surprised me! 
Who doesn't love stickers? 
I know lots of BIG flies which would require this device! 
A megafon is something everyone should own, as well as a headmassager! 
These were so cute, you could even put a photo instead of a memo and have it on your desk! 
I loved these so much, so darn colorful for your kitchen! 
Mini orchids for $3 - what more could you ask for? 
Even the bathroom doors were fun! 
Your very own butler! 
If I knew this would fit in my new Samsung Nook I would have bought it. I was disappointed all their techie items were for apple products. I am a Samsung girl all the way, and I really wanted this darn case! I have to check measurements as my tablet may fit inside. 
Danish butter cookies make everyone happy and I LOVE the can design! 
Add some color to your kitchen very easy in this shop. 
I would have loved this as a teenager as I kept a diary and my Mom had a habit of peeking inside! I just thought it was totally brilliant, and even comes with a padlock on the side! 

I hope you enjoyed this trip at Flying Tiger! They are located in a great area of the Flatiron, many other great shops and cafes in the area. I would highly suggest you stop in, and see what you can find that makes you happy. Stores that make us happy are places we need to frequent!

Flying Tiger 
Broadway and 21st Street 
Mon-Sat 10am-8pm
Sundays 11am-6pm 


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