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Benoit Restaurant Review

My recent visit to the city brought me to a restaurant I had never visited. I was planning to try to get into Le Bonne Soup, but they were just too crowded. As I walked away, I noticed Benoit, right next door. I had known about the place, that it was French, and was to be pretty good. They had a prix fixe lunch and I thought, let's give it a try! 
This location was opened in 2008 by Chef Alain Ducasse, the original in Paris opened in 1912. Chef Ducasse is a very highly rated and successful chef wining many awards for his cuisine. This is going to be good. 
For many of my readers, you see the specials here, but of course, will I stick to that plan? Probably not! 
When you walked in, some books by Chef Alain Ducasse were on display. I was greeted by a handsome person saying "Bonjour" as I arrived. I always try to respond back the same, no matter how bad my French probably sounds! 
This place was pretty amazing. Since I was doing this lunch solo, I was really able to soak up the atmosphere. Very elegant, not that crowded for a time of 12:45pm, and a mix of folks. A family sitting together, a couple that seemed more there for business than pleasure, and an elderly couple next to me who sounded like regulars. No pressure for me here at all! 
The items in the small silver bowl, a gougère, in French cuisine, is a baked savory choux pastry made of choux dough mixed with cheese. I thought I died and went to cheese heaven! They were so light and airy, I could have ate them all but I limited myself to about 3! The ice tea was even served very elegantly. They were sad I didn't want wine with my lunch but I thought ice tea was the way to go for me. 
Okay, so I have a real love for French onion soup. I always have, not sure why, my Mom hated it, which was rare for her not to like something. I figured, it has to be amazing here so I need to order it. There goes having the lunch special. 
Is this not the most fabulous French onion soup you ever saw? It was really beautiful. It was also very messy to eat, here I am trying to be all elegant in this French restaurant - it was not easy! 
I was sitting next to this lovely looking elderly couple, who told the waiter how they knew the Chef. They had been coming to the restaurant a very long time, and the food was their favorite. I did all I could to not WEAR this French onion soup!! 
My main course was a Cobb salad with avocado, chicken, bacon and blue cheese. It was very good, there could have been more chicken on the salad, but what was there was very tasty. The bacon was made very thin and crisp, really nice with the salad. I unfortunately didn't get dessert, as I was pretty full from the soup and salad, but would love to go back with a friend and try dessert. 
How pretty is this? The ceiling is painted like the sky, and just such an elegant setting. I enjoyed by lunch for about an hour and a half, and it was a nice break from the hustle bustle of the city. 

If you are looking for a really lovely Parisian restaurant, I would recommend the place, It is not on the inexpensive side, but they do have the specials available, and it's so nice for a treat or special occasion. 


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