Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Macaron Day March 20, 2015

Macaron Day was created not only to promote the colorful & delicious Parisian cookie,
but to also help raise money & awareness for an important charity. All participating
Macaron Day NYC  will be donating a portion of the day's macaron sales to City Harvest.
While each bakery will be handing out 1 free macaron per person, we hope that after you
take your bite, you won't be able to resist buying a few more! Macarons are great gifts for
friends, family, or simply yourself! Not only are they raising awareness about the decadent
& delicate Parisian cookie, but are helping to contribute to the efforts of City Harvest.

 Founded in 1982 as the world’s first food rescue organization, City Harvest is dedicated to 
helping feed the more than 1.4 million New Yorkers facing hunger.  City Harvest will collect 
50 million pounds of excess food from restaurants, grocers, bakeries, manufacturers, and farms, 
and deliver it free of charge to more than 500 community food programs across the city this year. 

In addition to helping meet the immediate need for food, City Harvest takes a long-term 
approach to fighting hunger by partnering with residents, local organizations and businesses 
through Healthy Neighborhoods programs which increase the availability of affordable fruits
and vegetables in low-income communities and provide the nutrition education and 
resources to maintain a wholesome, food-secure diet. 

You can check out all the great participants HERE on the Macaron Day website!! I think I am actually 
going to be in the city this day, so I will try to take advantage of the free macarons, and purchase a few 
as well for the City Harvest project. It is so nice to enjoy some fabulous dessert and help out a great 
cause as well!! 

To donate click below:

"Buy a gift, give a donation"

For more information or to donate directly to City-Harvest please click here.

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