Thursday, March 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday " Uncle Al "

This fabulous photo today is my Uncle Al. He was my Mom's brother, and we were very close. Because of my young age, all my Aunts and Uncles were like having a whole bunch of Grandparents! It was a really wonderful time. Uncle Al was a local singer, this photo was taken to promote his record that he made. He was also in the Army in the 1940's and sang for various USO programs. I actually have a letter from the USO dated October 18, 1944 asking him to perform in Springfield, Illinois for a War Fund program and a radio program. He had a great voice, and he was also a cook in the army! I didn't get the singing talent, but I did get the cooking talent, thank goodness! I hope you are enjoying these Throwback Thursday posts, alternating with my family photos and New York City. I think it's so wonderful we have these fabulous moments in time to remember people and places. Photography is just a most amazing art. 

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