Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Window Shopping on West 57th Street

West 57th Street is a great place for walking in New York City. If you are on 5th Avenue, make a turn at West 57th, right before Bergdorf Goodman, and you will enjoy some lovely shops. The art, music and culture are very much alive here. It is a great way to head to the Columbus Circle area as well, a very fun walk. The photo above is from ZChemists, too cute, love that baby cupid, this is a drugstore like no other. Be sure to pop in and see what they have available. 
The Ana Tzarey fine art gallery had some very cool work, I love the colors! I am such a HUGE color person, I think it makes you happy to look at something bright and colorful. 
Big Buddha (always have to look up that darn spelling!) looking over the art work 
I think this one was my favorite. I always like to get up close to paintings, especially old ones, and just stare. I do get yelled at about that at the Met from time to time, can't get too close to those Monet paintings!! 
Now for a very cool jeweler. Metropolitan Antiques and Jewelry. I love the jewel shops in the city. The items are like pieces you would find in a museum, yet people can actually purchase these to take home. 
Every since Diana, Princess of Wales, got that sapphire engagement ring, I have a fondness for sapphires. Blue is my favorite color, so that makes sense. That necklace is so special. I would wear it everywhere if I owned it. Even in the tub! 
More cool necklaces. Which one is my fave? Yep, the colorful one in the back. 
This piece reminded me of the Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson's jewelry collection. Those eyes look like emeralds to me. 
I loved this bracelet. It would be the one piece I would pick up for sure. If money were not an issue. 

Lee's Art Shop is also here and is a MUST visit my holiday visit with them can be found HERE . Eveything you see is fabulous and they are a great shop all year round. 
The Brooklyn Diner is also a fun place to stop in for a bite for breakfast, lunch or dinner  
Their hot dogs are serious meals. No food for the weak here. 

You can also venture to Le Parker Meridian at West 56th and 6th Avenue, either Norma's or the Burger Joint for a bite to eat, but you should have reservations as both are pretty popular. Norma's is known for it's amazing breakfasts, Open Table is your best bet for making that reservation. The Burger Joint has some of the most tasty burgers, check out their instagram for verification!! I do not believe they take reservations. 

Today;s Words of Wisdom: “A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” – Lao Tzu

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