Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Visit to Junior's and Irving Farm Coffee at Grand Central Terminal

I would say by now you know Grand Central Terminal is one of my favorite stops in New York City. The building itself is an architectural wonder, and the inside of shops and restaurants are fabulous! This is great if you have a group who may like different types of foods, there is something for all here. 
Junior's originated in Brooklyn, and you can see my post HERE of the original restaurant, but they have a few locations in the city such as in Grand Central Terminal. This is always a great place for a bite to eat, and of course, dessert and coffee! I finally decided to go savory this time, and I was happy I did ! 
Matzoh Ball Soup and I think it was a half brisket sandwich which was just enough and so tasty! It is also nice to sit here and watch the commuters go by in a mad rush! 
They have mini desserts too which are fabulous for sharing (or not) ! 

Irving Farm Coffee is a wonderful place which first began in Union Square in 1996. I am glad they have opened some additional spots in the city so it is easier to enjoy the awesome coffee and baked goods. 
I just loved these coffee makers, so cool ! Their coffee is of the best quality you will find. An amazing flavor and richness. 
The baked good are pretty fabulous as well. But they would have to be to go with this great coffee!! 
If you could have one of everything here, that would be a great idea ! 

Anything peanut butter catches my eye! This is also an excellent spot to take a rest from walking all over the city, as you can purchase from any of the food vendors and then have a seat to enjoy your treasures. Be sure to visit Grand Central Terminal if you have not, you will be very happy to see what it has to offer. 
My favorite. The Chrylser Building. Such a beauty!! 

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