Thursday, May 29, 2014

Photo Gallery Thursday " Henry Ward Beecher"

A gorgeous shot of the Henry Ward Beecher statue in the courtyard of Plymouth Church in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn. This courtyard is really lovely, and if you find yourself in Brooklyn, it is a great place to add to your itinary. You can check out the history of Mr Beecher HERE , as he was their first pastor. We had the pleasure of touring the area while on the Brooklyn Neighborhood Tour , and it was a real delight. You see so many of these lovely courtyards in Brooklyn and in Manhattan, they never get old.

Entrances to the Plymouth Church buildings are on Hicks and Orange Streets in Brooklyn Heights.

The Plymouth Sanctuary (where Sunday worship services are held) is located at 57 Orange Street between Hicks and Henry Streets.

The Church Office and Plymouth Church School are located at 75 Hicks Street between Orange and Cranberry Streets.

The Underground Thrift Store entrance is at 65 Hicks Street between Orange and Cranberry Streets.

75 Hicks  Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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