Thursday, June 13, 2013

Photo Gallery Thursday "Radio City Music Hall"

A very cool shot of Radio City Music Hall during a street fair. There have been more than 300 million people visit Radio City Music Hall for various events. It is the largest indoor theater in the world. They also hold tours as well to see some behind the scenes of this historic place. The Christmas show is pretty popular, but they also have many  other events held year round. 

Have you visited Radio City Music Hall? What show did you see ? 

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Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

300 million people is a lot. But I can see why. The place is truly a historical land mark. I love going to Midtown Mahattan - so much fun.

Daryl said...

well aside from a company christmas show that we employees performed on stage there in the 1980s, i hadnt been inside since i was a little girl and saw Operation Pettitcoat there for my birthday back in 1959 ... i believe i was a year old at the time ;)

A Very Sweet Blog said...

I want to see the Christmas show. I believe it starts in November each year. I wasn't aware of the shows year round. Good to know!

Fashion-isha said...

This IS a very cool shot! I hope you've been well!

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