Monday, June 18, 2012

2012 Macy's Flower Show Brazil

I had the chance to check out Macy's Flower Show in April. They have one every year, usually throughout the whole store, but due to their 400 million renovation, it was in a tent for you to walk through. I give them credit, for providing us with some wonderful displays in 2012. 
You can see the climate controlled tent right next to the store where the flower show took place. 
Their windows were decorated to showcase "Brazil" 
This guy greeted us when we first walked in 

I hope you enjoyed this little taste of Macy's Flower Show in 2012. It is a treat to see in person and you can click on some links below of my posts from previous years:

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Margaret Braun Cakes at 2011 Flower Show
The Borgias Tablescape in 2011 Flower Show
Favorite Tablescape from 2010 Flower Show
Bouquet of the Day 2011 Flower Show

Today's Words of Wisdom: You are the Master of your Fate 

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1 comment

Daryl said...

what gorgeous photos .. what a fabulous job Macy's did and thank you for taking those photos and sharing them!

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