Monday, August 29, 2022

Happy 150th Birthday Bloomingdales !

I hope you have all been doing well ! This post comes out of pure love for one of my most favorite stores! This is not a sponsored post. 

The famous Bloomingdale's department store is turning 150 years old this year! To me, Bloomies is iconic New York City. It is my most favorite store in the city, sorry I do love the new Nordstrom store, but this to me is just classic New York shopping. I have been coming here since I was little, and it has always been my happy place! When I walk in and see that fabulous black and white floor, I smile from ear to ear. I just love the way the store is laid out, the sales clerks are always so helpful and then there is 40 Carrots for delish yogurt and savory foods. I am so happy when I receive my items in the famous brown bag (little, medium, big) which started in 1971. I am so glad they are doing well in this era of many iconic stores closing (Henri Bendel, Barneys, Lord and Taylor) and I hope they celebrate another 150 years! 

Here is some of their storied history from the Bloomingdales website: 


A Store Is Born

To think it all started with a 19th century fad - the hoop skirt. That was the first item that Joseph and Lyman Bloomingdale carried in their Ladies' Notions Shop in New York's Lower East Side. In the late 1800's, most fashion retailers specialized in just one type of garment. Not the brothers Bloomingdale - their East Side Bazaar, opened in 1872, sold a wide variety of European fashions. It was the beginning of what would become a "Department Store".


Moving Up In The World

In 1886 came the visionary move uptown to 59th Street and Lexington Avenue. The store expanded steadily and by the 1920's, Bloomingdale's converted an entire city block.


Read All About It

Flexing his marketing muscle, Lyman created splashy ad campaigns to bring people in the door. People started seeing the "All Cars Transfer to Bloomingdale's" slogan everywhere - on billboards, delivery wagons, and even ladies' beach umbrellas.


Lights - Camera - Action!

Print ads couldn't say it all. The store had to be experienced. So Bloomingdale's became the stage for gala events and fashion shows, including "Woman Of The Year, 1947." With music, lighting and sophistication, it was retailing as theater.


It's In The Bag

It's not just what you buy - it's what you take it home in, too. We've always looked for new ways to be creative. In 1961, the Bloomingdale's team came up with the first designer shopping bags. Since then, many have become collector's items.


Not A Store, But A Destination

By the 70's, everyone was stopping by 59th Street and Lexington Avenue for a look - including Queen Elizabeth. People came to see and to be seen. Once there, they were dazzled by the cutting-edge fashion of designers like Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis and Norma Kamali, who got their first truly big opportunities at Bloomingdale's.


Looking Forward

Bloomingdale's is committed to once again lead the way with exclusive merchandise, customized services, and alternative shopping venues. Carrying on the Bloomingdale's brothers' dream, we're always finding ways to set our stores apart. That's both the legacy and the promise of Bloomingdale's.

How much fun are these vintage catalog pages ! 

It should be against the law to shop at Bloomies and not visit 40 Carrots ! This wonderful place has been around since 1974 and I recall it being in the basement of the store when I was small. I just love the new design and larger space as it gets crowded pretty quickly. 

Their savory food is also quite fantastic and you always have carrots as a side dish 

Their peanut butter yogurt is my favorite and I feel so lucky when I am there and it is available as they change flavors each day of the week! 

A gorgeous display with the famous black and white floor 

Holiday windows are always so fabulous, these are from the 2016 season  

My Bloomies ornament on my tree 

I also really love their home section, which is near 40 Carrots so I always get to pop in and enjoy the beautiful merchandise 

Here is a bottle of champagne to Bloomingdales for 150 years in business! It truly is "like no other store in the world". 

They will be having celebrations from September 8th through the end of the year. There will be a 150th anniversary collection which I am so excited about along with pop-ups from various businesses. If you cannot get to a store in person, items will be available online. I am hoping to get to the flagship this year to celebrate this wonderful milestone in person. 

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