Monday, June 6, 2022

Afternoon Tea in Felt Art

I had the pleasure of visiting felt artist Lucy Sparrow's exhibit in 2019 Lucy's Delicatessen on 6th and was totally blow away! I must say this post is in no way an ad but I needed to show you the wonderful art she has for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee! I found Lucy on Instagram and was so thrilled to see the exhibit in New York City a few years ago. When I walked through it, I just smiled from ear to ear. I totally feel in this time, with so much going on in the world, we need something to make us smile. Lucy's felt art does just that, and I have been ordering more items from her online store for my collection. 

Queen Elizabeth II has celebrated her Platinum Jubilee this weekend, 70 years on the British throne, more than any other British monarch. I do follow the royal family and it's history which I find fascinating. Lucy's current project is that of an Afternoon Tea in felt art. I was totally blown away so had to order immediately! The items are just so sweet and make you smile from ear to ear! After I had ordered, I found out she was going to be having an exhibit at the grand entrance of Buckingham Palace which is open to the public July 22, 2022 to October 2, 2022. If you happen to be in England during this time, I highly suggest you visit. You will not be disappointed. Now on to the inspect the art !  

The lovely little guys are sitting on a 3 tier cake plate from Royal Albert. The top consists of a Victoria Sponge Slice, quiche and French fancy yellow. 

Does this not make you smile ?? Sausage rolls, half scones with cream/jam, bakewell tart bottom layer: salmon sandwich, cinnamon roll (from another of her collections seemed to fit in here), Viennese swirl, jammie dodger and a black and white cookie from another collection. 

The tea cup with saucer is actually a real tea cup and saucer that the felt has been molded around. It is just so lovely and I added a lemon slice on the side. The tea cup comes off the saucer. 

I hope you have enjoyed seeing these wonderful pieces of art that are made with such love and detail. I will be adding more of Lucy's art to my home as it just really makes for a pleasant day! You can check our her website and follow her work on Instagram. If you do not purchase anything, but just look at the art work, it will still bring you so much joy. I think that is so what is needed in the world right now. I must thank Lucy for her wonderful work and her talent that we all have the privilege to enjoy!! 


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