Monday, February 27, 2023

Babka Bailout Review

Mishloach Manot

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well and thank you for visiting this blog! There will be more frequent posts this year, I have actually missed doing these features for you, so please stay tuned.

*** this is not a sponsored post***

I thought a great post to start 2023 with would involve food, babka in particular! I am a HUGE fan and really love Breads Bakery babka when I am in the city. I came across Babka Bailout while on Instagram and well, just had to place an order. The company started out in 2020 to help a friend during the pandemic, this company has just become so very popular. I had to order for myself and well, I was not disappointed in the least. The main way to purchase is online but they do have a shop located in Jersey City, NJ.  They are also present at the holiday markets in New York City such as Union Square. 

My order was for 2 boxes of nutella hamentaschen and a nutella babka! The flavors you can choose from also are dulce de leche, guava, cookie butter, apricot, poppy and date & nut. There is not a bad flavor to be had. 

The hamentaschen is just so darn delish! You can taste the quality of ingredients with each bite. I can't even begin to explain except to say "order these"! 

The babka was on the level I was hoping for, amazingly rich and decadent. 
They make a ton of flavors from cereal milk (great for kids) to cinnamon sugar (need to try that one next) to vegan style. Savory is on the menu as well with truffle burrata and brie guava. I also really love the idea of a babka in ball form - what a genius idea! 

Doesn't she look lovely! These freeze well and I love to have treats like this in my freezer when the sweet cravings hit. This babka was just on another level and I love the different flavors they offer, they add holiday flavors throughout the year.

One more important item I must mention is they have a Babka for a Cause each month where 10% of the proceeds go to those in need. What a win-win this is! 

I hope if you love babka and just wonderful baked goods in general, you will give Babka Bailout a try as you will not be disappointed! Babka makes wonderful gifts as well to friends and family, they will be so thrilled to receive these items at their doorstep! 

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