Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The 10 Must Try Desserts in NYC

There are so many great desserts in New York City. The obviously famous Cronut is not on my list. I figured everyone knows about that one. I wanted to pick my personal favorites, that I just really think are so worth the calories. The dessert you will go back home and tell your friends about, that you will still dream about a month after you have enjoyed it. There are so many talented pastry chefs in New York City, and we are lucky enough that they are willing to share their creations with us. What a wonderful life we live. In no particular order, as that would be impossible:
  •  Breads Bakery -  Chocolate Babka - The most mind-blowing babka you will ever enjoy. It is life changing and they now ship which is so very fantastic!
  •  Bouchon Bakery - Nutter Butter Cookie - Thomas Keller is pure genius and his nutter butters make you smile from ear to ear. I love peanut butter and these are one of my faves to bring home. 
  •  Doughnut Plant - Tres Leche Donut - This doughnut was produced like the cake, 3 milks, and is really oh so worth the investment. Words cannot describe and they should be in every city.  
  •  Baked by Melissa - Cupcakes and Macarons  - Mini desserts are the best, you can try a few different flavors and not get sick and they are great for parties. They ship the cupcakes and macarons direct to your home or they make a fabulous gift. 
  •  Pop Bar    - Gelato on a stick - If you love ice cream, gelato is the next level. This is quite fantastic and great for young and old to indulge. 
  •  Breads Bakery -  Chocolate Rugelach - Another life changing item from Breads Bakery, they need to be on every block in the city. This rugelach is so wonderful, soft and fresh, like I have never had before.  
  •  Lady M - Green Tea Crepe Cake - A crepe cake is like nothing you have ever tasted. Light, fluffly, not overly sweet but oh so good for the tummy. They do ship as well which would make for a unique birthday cake celebration. 
  • Jacques Torres -  Chocolate Covered Cheerios- Jacques Torres makes some wonderful chocolate items, but the chocolate covered cheerios are number 1 in my book. So. Much. Fun.  
  • Levain Bakery -  Any of the Cookies  - These are heaven on earth, and they freeze well if you wish to take a dozen home. I usually cut them in half and freeze that way. They offer shipping from their website right to your door as well. 
  • Veniero's -  Cannoli - The best cannoli I have had so far in the city, with either vanilla or chocolate ricotta filling, oh so darn good. They also dip the shells in chocolate as well, for that little extra touch. A wonderful institution in the East Village which should be on that bucket list. 
What is your favorite dessert in New York City ?

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