Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Mask Bar New York

My recent visit to Greenwich Village found me inside a Korean beauty shop called The Mask Bar. These kind of places are dangerous for me, but I was proud I held somewhat restraint! They have 2 locations in the city, in the Village and in Soho. I am sure I will be back on another trip.  
Snail mask sheet and royal jelly mask - very interesting products here - Korean beauty is all the rage these days, they have some very cool items.  
I really wanted to try the Caviar lotion and toner, probably will pick up next visit. I plan to pop in the Village more often than I have been, it is such a great place just to chill out and walk around.  
The prices are very reasonable as well - how cute are these body lotions?  
I purchased one of these masks to try, it worked very nicely. I like the fact that you can purchase just one of the masks to see how it works for you.  

This looked very cool as well, I may pick up on my next visit. I love all the packaging as well, so much fun. The whole store just made me happy!  
The Honey Milk Candy Mask went home with me as well and I have yet to try it.  
These are really calling me therefore I need to get back sooner than later to pick up one or both!  

If you love to try unique beauty products, I would recommend a trip to The Mask Bar. I love trying new lines and see what magic they can do for my skin.

The Mask Bar
259 Bleecker Street ( Greenwich Village)  and 36 Howard Street (Soho)

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