Friday, January 31, 2014

The Kitano Hotel Gift Shop

I had heard quite a bit about the Kitano Hotel Gift Shop, and was thrilled to be able to check it out on a recent trip to the city. The Kitano Hotel is the only Japanese hotel owned in New York City. The location is quite fabulous, midtown east, Park Avenue and East 38th Street. Let's go shopping!! 
The items in this gift shop are quite unique and fun. I am always looking for places that have different products. 
Wonderful New York City souvenirs can be found here 
Love this taxi cab !! Just too cute !! 
Cupcakes are the rage here as well, in the form of bath bombs .......
These little boxes were so darn cute, and were very affordable. 
Love love these salt and pepper shakers!! 
These were really unique as well. I had to behave in here, and it was very, very hard. I wanted to purchase so many things! 
The jar openers had such cute designs, what a fun item! 
They also had a great selection of teas and chocolates as well. 
The lobby of the hotel is quite grand. 
A gold elevator will make anyone happy to travel inside! 
Hotel gift shops can sometimes be the best places for unique and original merchandise. When you go past a hotel while walking around the city, take a peek inside and see what their gift shop holds. Sometimes you find a gem like this one in the Kitano Hotel, and then you will be sure to be back in the future.  

Today's Words of Wisdom: The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.” – G.K. Chesterton

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Roni Faida said...

I Love the fact that you are showing me things that I've never heard of before! Great pics. Tribe member checking in!

Unknown said...

I have never been here before but it looks worth visiting. I need to stop in there are so many cute things to see. Wishing you a fabulous weekend Rosemary!



therelishedroost said...

My girls would love that store!! Happy Sunday!

Pearls of Style said...

I love how niche-y this is! Would love to visit.

Krissie x -

miss b said...

I would certainly enjoy spending time in this shop. So many cute items. I love your travel quote - so true!

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