Friday, May 27, 2016

Dessert Shopping in New York City

Dessert shopping? I think that is a great idea, especially in NYC ! The above wonderful cakes are from Lady M in The Food Hall at the Plaza Hotel. 
More from the Plaza Food Hall, at Payard, they are almost too pretty to eat 
I think I could get over it after a while, these are worth going off your diet for a day! 
I am obsessed with Paris Baguette! I love the colors and designs of their wonderful desserts! 

Maison Kayser is just silly for dessert! They are great for savory foods too but if you are dessert shopping, this is a must-stop! 
These Yumballs were located at the Plaza Food Hall and Three Tarts .....they are just amazing! 
Yes, more from Paris Baguette I just can't help myself ! 
If you are a serious dessert person, this fun set from Sprinkles would be great to own! 

As much as I want to like their cupcakes, I am not over the moon with them. I tried some of their cookies and actually thought they were better than the cupcakes! Go figure! 
Maison Kayser again and a Saint=Honore which is pure heaven! 
Paris Baguette is my new obsession - I confess 

Red velvet eclair at Pomme Palais 
Yes, it had a cream cheese filling - makes you very happy !! 
I never met a macaron tower I didn't like, this one was found at our favorite Woops! in Port Authority!

It is very easy to do a dessert tour all on your own. There are so many great places in the city, and if you have folks to join you, you can share all the yummy selections! I think I now need to go find a cupcake!!

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