Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Awesome New Dessert Spots on UWS

Hope you are all doing well. I am going to be posting some information regarding new openings in the city as well as old places that have re-opened for business. Who would have ever thought the long road this pandemic would be, I sure did not at all. So many business have closed in NYC and around the world, and we need to try to support those who remain open or are re-opening as best we can. I have been ordering from many places online having food and other items delivered. 

If you are planning to travel to NYC, keep in mind to check the hours of places you wish to visit as their hours may have changed. It seems places are not open their normal hours as they were prior to COVID. As of September 13, 2021, you need to provide proof of at least 1 does of coronavirus vaccine for a variety of activities, indoor dining - gyms - Broadway shows - performances - museums. 

The  Excelsior Pass  (for those vaccinated in New York) and NYC Covid Safe (for those vaccinated outside New York), are the 2 apps you need to use, but paper is fine too. 

The Upper West Side is one of my favorite places in the city. They are having some wonderful new dessert spots opening that I thought I would tell you about! Mark these on your Google calendar for places to go when you are able to visit the city again! They all sound pretty amazing!! 

The amazing Italian chocolate and gelato company, Venchi, is planning to open a new shop in the location where L'Occatine was located after closing this year being in that location for 31 years. The spot is 198 Columbus Avenue (corner of 69th Street) and although I was sad to see L'OCCATINE close, replacing it with Venchi makes me smile! Venchi also opened another shop at Columbus Circle 1796 Broadway between 58th and 59th Streets. Founded in 1878, the gelato will just make you very happy and the chocolate selections are out of this world good. They do ship their products, you will need to wait till summer is over for chocolate to be able to be shipped but I would highly recommend if you cannot get there in person! You will not be disappointed! 

Venchi just makes me so darn happy 

Magnolia Bakery is opening a new location right across the street from the soon to be open Venchi. I was never a person to stand in line for Magnolia baked goods, they are tasty but for some reason, they don't rock my world.

Kee’s Chocolates has opened at 228 Columbus Avenue, between 70th and 71st Streets. I had the pleasure of trying their chocolate at an another location and all I can say is "WOW" - just amazing flavors and texture. They do ship their fantastic chocolates once summer heat is over, so if you can't get there in person, support them by ordering online. 

Truffles to die for 

Two additional recent dessert spots that have opened  include Janie’s “Life Changing Baked Goods” at 212 West 80th Street (pie crust cookies) which do ship online as well and Zai’s Dessertery at 468-470 Amsterdam Avenue which is their first location in NYC. They have wonderful French macarons, ice cream, cupcakes and stuffed crepes. They both look like two fabulous places I need to check out asap! 

A few more awesome dessert spots opening soon are Chip City Cookies at 370 Columbus Avenue - I have yet to try these cookies but from what I see online, they look pretty amazing! 

A second Blue Marble Ice Cream at 2058 Broadway - I am a huge ice cream lover and the Blue Marble is quite tasty indeed! 

Maman, at a location which is currently undisclosed. Maman is a very exciting French spot so elegant  for desserts, a light bite to eat and coffees/teas. I have visited their shop in the Nomad area, but only when I was in the city for 4th of July holiday as they were always too busy before. I am glad to see they are opening more locations in other spots in the city so hopefully they will be easier to enjoy. They do ship their cookies, and I have had some sent to me while not being able to get to the city. They are also coming out with a wonderful cookbook September 14th if you wish to check that out. I somehow think I will not be able to create their masterpieces at home but I just may try! 

The most amazing banana bread you will ever enjoy ! 

I hope you all stay healthy and that you can venture back to NYC very soon. The city needs us back just as much as we need it. The city has so much to offer, Broadway - Architecture - Dining - Culture - Art just to name a few! Thank you for following the blog and here's to more wonderful posts about where to go in NYC ! 

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