Thursday, April 9, 2020

The Easter Bonnet

I thought it would be fun to look at some Easter Bonnets this week, with the holiday on Sunday. It is such a wonderful tradition, and one to be kept going for sure!  The Easter Parade which took place in the 1870's gave more exposure to folks wearing their new hats/bonnets for the Easter holiday.  With the movie, Easter Parade (rent this if you have never viewed) in 1948, the popularity grew even more in the USA. 
I am not sure I would pick this hat but it for sure would cause laughter!  
Columbia's Easter Bonnet - Vintage 1901 Art Print by Ian Gledhill
Vintage 1901 Art Print 

Ann Miller in her Easter Bonnet, 1947 | Easter parade, Ann miller ...
Actress Ann Miller in her Easter Bonnet in 1947

Are you wearing a hat this year for your Easter celebration? Do you remember family members wearing hats for Easter ? I used to be brought my Easter corsage from my Uncle Jimmy every Easter Sunday morning to wear to go to church. It was a wonderful memory I do cherish. 

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