Monday, April 6, 2020

Jewelry and Fashion at the 2020 Philadelphia Flower Show

I hope you are all hanging in there staying at home. I actually think it's kind of nice to relax and not be rushed to go anywhere. Please listen to the government to stop the spread of this terrible virus. 

These are some of the wonderful jewelry and fashion that I viewed at the 2020 Philadelphia Flower Show last month. It is amazing to me how such creative people can make items out of natural ingredients. 

Gorgeous necklace and the cards show you what they used to make the piece of jewelry 

LOVE this pin and the bracelet below 

This reminds me of stained glass 

The handbags are just unreal - so beautiful 

Just look at the detail 

Everyone needs a crown, not just the Queen of England! 

Beautiful fashions were shown but I wish there were more 

I hope you enjoyed another escape to the Philadelphia Flower Show. Be safe out there and stay healthy. 

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