Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Treasures from Chatsworth The Exhibition Part 2

How gorgeous is this Tiara? The detail I was able to capture to show you I was so thrilled! It was very dark in the exhibit but my camera did wonderful. The work on this is just mind-blowing! This was made in 1865 and can be worn as a necklace or as brooches. It is simply breathtaking!  

This set of jewels was made in 1856 and worn to celebrate the coronation of Tsar Alexander II that same year. Just think of the stories these jewels could tell if they could speak!  

This was lovely in person as well, so beautiful and elegant.  

I loved seeing this in person as well, it is so regal looking. If we could only go back in time, wouldn't that be rather cool ?  

One more photo of this headpiece! 

Be sure to check out this exhibit on view until September as it is worth the extra effort to York Avenue. The exhibit is such a treasure for us to view in the USA. 

Secrets of Chatsworth PBS DVD on Netflix streaming or Amazon Prime for a fee

Treasures from Chatsworth - The Exhibition 
June 28 to Sept. 13, 2019
FREE and Open to the Public, tickets recommended

Sotheby's Auction House
1334 York Avenue at 1st Avenue

10am to 5pm Monday through Saturday
1pm to 5pm  Sundays

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