Monday, March 11, 2019

Wayne Thiebaud Draftsman

This is a real fun post and one of my favorite artists, Wayne Thiebaud, exhibit at The Morgan Library and Museum last year. I was so thrilled to see this exhibit in one of my favorite museums in the city.  

I was first introduced to Wayne Thiebaud's work, at Christies, this Tie Rack painting was for sale in 2015. The estimate was $1.4-$1.8 million US dollars and it sold for $3.4 million US dollars! The piece attracted me due to the colors, I love color, and just the method in how it was painted. When I got home I researched his work, only to find even more paintings I just loved. Mr. Thiebaud was born in 1920 and is still alive today. I find his work brings a smile to my face, and I am so thrilled to share this exhibit with you!  
Even this simple work is just so darn wonderful  

Love, love, love this one  

This is very cool as well even though not much color is used, if any  

Loved this one as well of a city street  

How can you not fall in love with this work?  

Mr. Thiebaud has said all his paintings are done from memory - pretty darn amazing if you ask me!  
This one would make Willy Wonka or Dylan Lauren very happy!  

After viewing these lovely works, nothing is more relaxing than some fried oysters at The Morgan Library restaurant. They were quite the tasty, I must say!  

I hope you enjoyed this exhibit and be sure to Google Mr. Thiebaud's work to see more fantastic paintings. I purchased a print from the show and now have it hanging in my dining room. It makes me smile every time I walk by. 

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