Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Jefferson Market Garden

Jefferson Market Garden was one of those finds I just came across. Walking around in the village on Greenwich Avenue, there it was. I was like, look at this gorgeous calm place in this big city. It has been in the heart of the village for 35 years. Monday is the only day it is closed. I am thrilled to share this with you. The site of the garden was a women's prison. 
it is supported and cared for by volunteers 
as you begin to walk into the garden it is pretty amazing 
Everything looks so colorful and peaceful 
Is this not adorable? 
purple flowers just yelling Spring !!
I was so thrilled to find this gem
I sat on that bench and talked with that lovely lady ...great conversation in the shade and just relaxing 
this little guy took it to another level !!!  
The Jefferson Market Library was designed by Withers & Vaux in 1876, this turreted Victorian Gothic structure was originally built as the Third Judicial District Courthouse. Imaginatively adapted for reuse by the architect Giorgio Cavagleri, it features a number of notable decorative elements, including moralistic inscriptions, marvelous terra cotta work on the exterior, and Pre-Raphaelite style stained glass in shades of lavender and sky blue in building’s former court and the dramatic circular stair tower. 

Greenwich Avenue between Sixth Avenue and West 10th Street
closed Mondays 

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