Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Beauty of the Upper West Side

Upon my visit to the New York Historical Society, I took a turn down a side street to find pure bliss! The wonderful part about this area of the city is that the architecture changes from block to block. I was so thrilled to photograph some of these lovely spots for you to enjoy as well. This is what makes New York City so special, so unique. 
If these townhouses could talk, I wonder what they would tell us! 

How can you not love this? It is just so special and fantastic!  

Many of these gorgeous historical buildings have become schools or business offices, but, were at one time family residences.  

The detail here just really made me smile. I love it!  

Be sure to visit the Upper West Side of New York City. You will find wonderful architecture, great restaurants, museums and shopping. It is less crowded than midtown, and a great way to get the feel of the real New York. You will not be disappointed in the least, trust me.

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