Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Top 40 Most Inspiring Travel Blogs of 2018

I received an email from Luggage Hero stating that they choose my site as one of the Top 40 Most Inspiring Travel Blogs of 2018! Needless to say I was very thrilled, and when I looked at the other 39 blogs that they chose, I was in very good company. This blog started quite a long time ago with an idea to show people where to visit and eat in New York City. I am so humbled in 2018 to still be plugging away and showing you interesting places in this fantastic city. The city just gives off so much energy, when I come back just from a day there, I feel different. I feel better. It just gives me total happiness. Some of the blogs listed are those I read myself such as Girl Gone Travel, Loving New York, Nomadic Matt and Restaurant Girl. Check out the whole list and see what others inspire you to travel in this beautiful world!

 A little about Luggage Hero - They let you store your luggage in a local shop, café or hotel. All luggage is insured against damage, loss, and theft ; Only certified local shops approved by Lggage Hero and Each bag is secured with a one-time security seal. This is a great idea if you are in a city to catch a plane, train or bus and are not staying in a hotel where you luggage can be stored.

With more than 250 shops and venues across New York, London and Copenhagen, luggage storage has never been as easy and convenient as now.

By using their online search engine, you are able to locate luggage storage hubs near you or to a, by you, specified area in New York City, London or Copenhagen. Specify your drop of date and the amount of luggage you want stored and the shops that are ready to receive you are listed up top. Make sure they know you'll be arriving and reserve your space by making a booking.

Our Luggage Heroes has all been certified by an employee of LuggageHero and is therefore under our insurance policy, insuring your luggage for up to $2000/€1700.

This sounds like a great idea to me, and very easy as well. Keep them in mind should the need arise for you to store luggage while traveling.

I must again thank Luggage Heroes for being chosen as an inspiring travel blog for 2018 and I look forward to showing you more fun adventures in New York City and maybe a bit beyond as well!

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