Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Easter in New York City

I spent my first Easter in the city in 2017 and it was lots of fun. This 
gorgeous cross was in front of the one church located right on 5th Avenue. 
I attempted the Easter Parade. Key word, attempted. It turned out to be a very hot and 
humid day on Easter Sunday, not my type of weather. It was cool that 5th Avenue was closed to traffic but I couldn't stay very long. Thank goodness 2018 is expected to be much cooler with Easter Sunday being April 1st. 
If you didn't have a hat to wear, fear not, someone was selling bunny ears 
Gotta love those tails! 

This lady was thinking pretty fast as April the giraffe had her baby this 
weekend in 2017, and her hat shows April and her baby boy! Very clever! Where did April the Giraffe go anyway? I need to check on her pronto! 

     The Easter Parade is a fun, unique way to spend Easter Sunday provided it is not extremely humid! I will for sure attempt it one more time when weather isn't so heated.  
This lovely display was in the Robert restaurant at Columbus Circle 
The Plaza looked gorgeous for the holiday 
Easter is my type of holiday, where chocolate is a mega-star!  

After a l o n g winter in the Northeast, so happy to see flowers and color !! 

The Peninsula Hotel looked very much like Spring was in the air  
I believe Rockefeller Center always has this lovely display for the 
Easter holiday, but this is my first time seeing it in person. 
It is too adorable for words! 

Teuscher Chocolate always has the most adorable bunnies in their windows 

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