Monday, March 26, 2018

Easter at Financier Patisserie

We are at our friends at Financier Patisserie and what fabulous Easter treats they have for you! I can never get enough of this lovely place, it is so fabulous to visit in the city. A very classy pastry shop with quality products and prices that are just right.
How adorable is this bunny? I may feel guilty eating him, but I think I would get over it very quickly! 
I see the bunny's belly, do you? These are some of the most adorable bunnies I have ever seen! Would look great in a Easter basket for sure! 

These little mini cakes are fabulous for Easter dinner. As we know, not everyone likes the same flavors, so this makes it a hit with everyone! 

These are the mini desserts which are so wonderful! They are also nice if you just want a little something sweet after dinner. A great hostess gift!! 
An up close of the mini desserts ! 
Tiramisu is good any holiday including Easter Sunday!! 

This cake was just so beautiful and sounded even better! These are not the type of cakes you will make at home, but are so nice to take to parties or when having a special dinner. 
I would feel bad cutting into this cake for a few minutes. 
Financier's Easter cake is just amazing. The chocolate smell alone makes you just smile and do a happy dance! 
Gianduja Chocolate Nest 7" 
Moist Macaron , Chocolate Cream , Chunk of Nougatine Praline, Gianduja Mousse, Birds Nest Like Finishing
This is the cake after we cut it. I cannot tell you how amazing this is. Words cannot really describe but I will try. Not over the top sweet. The flavors all blend together in such a beautiful way. The chocolate nest on top is so delicate, and smells like the chocolate river in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. (yes, that is one of my favorite films, both versions)  
I have to thank Financier Patisserie for this lovely cake. They not only make fabulous food, they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. 
You can order any items on their website , and pick up in any of their 10 locations in the city. I think this lovely cake would make a perfect ending to your Easter dinner! Please let me know if you have visited Financier Patisserie, and if not, let me know when you do while in the city. It is really a place to not be missed. You know I would never steer you the wrong way!!

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