Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Lord and Taylor 2017 Holiday Windows

I had the pleasure of checking out the Lord and Taylor holiday windows. This is their 80th year for their holiday windows. I thought these were cute, but I felt last year's were much more interesting. The 2016 Lord and Taylor Holiday Windows can be seen on this blog! 

The Fifth Avenue windows have been transformed into a whimsical journey, as seen through the lens of enchanted snow globes, featuring over 60 variations throughout the display. Each of the five animated windows boasts a unique scene, including:

Arctic Adventures: Two polar bears meet for a celebratory high-five in an arctic scene
Christmas in the City: Starry holiday scene set against NYC skyscrapers
Holiday Circus: A vintage-style circus is conducted by the master of ceremonies
Santa's Magic: A modern-day Santa looks into his globe
Winter Woodlands: A rabbit ventures toward a magical tree with woodland creatures

This one was probably my favorite of all the windows! Very sweet!  
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