Friday, August 18, 2017

Visiting the Brooklyn Flea

A few weeks ago, I finally headed to the Brooklyn Flea had been on my "to do" list for ages so glad to scratch this off the list....this was my view from the bus heading to Brooklyn  

I am really thrilled they also opened a flea in Soho, and have that on my to do list to check out this fall ! 
It was a very hot day when we the morning......I so prefer visiting this flea in the fall season 
look at these vintage cameras!! how cool !! this is one of the best flea's and started around 2008..... 
loved this for the dapper guys out there!! their website says they have about 125+ vendors but I thought it was smaller than what I was expecting.....this was the Sunday flea as they also have one on Saturday  
I loved this neat hanging lamp ....the colors were great and the design very interesting......You can purchase some really unique items here, no doubt !!  
just about anything you can think of vintage would be here as well as handmade jewelry and food items  
okay, these doughnuts were amazing! I can't even begin to explain but they were so light and eating nothing but air .....the food will be it's own separate post......... 
this reminded me of my mom's jewelry box...I hated the fact they were mostly clip and those clip earrings are quite the painful but oh so pretty !!  
this painting was really neat.....didn't ask the price but would love to hang in my home  
How cute is this guy?? Overall I enjoyed the experience, would like to go back when not as hot or in the winter when it is indoors so I can take the time to look more slowly. 
With views like this, we were not complaining too was nice to sit and relax and just enjoy a Sunday in Brooklyn, New York. 

Brooklyn Flea DUMBO
10am-6pm • Sundays
Manhattan Bridge Archway – 80 Pearl St.

Brooklyn Flea Soho
10am-6pm • Saturdays + Sundays
100 Avenue of the Americas and Watts Street (near Broome Street) 

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