Monday, June 12, 2017

Dining at The Quin Hotel and The Wayfarer NYC

I was really impressed with my stay at The Quin Hotel during the Easter holiday. I wanted to show you some of their dining options within the hotel itself. Isn't the lobby gorgeous? 
Saturday night before Easter I was feeling a bit under the weather, so I ordered some tea, chicken dumplings and chicken soup.  
The presentation was lovely, as expected in this type of hotel. The soup seemed like homemade, and wasn't too salty, which I was very happy with.  
The dumplings were fried, which I wasn't expecting, and very salty. I had 1 or so, and left the rest.  
The rolls they gave me were like a popover and really quite tasty.  
Monday morning I was feeling much better, and decided to do breakfast at the restaurant hotel, The Wayfarer NYC.  
Lovely bar area  
I went with a matcha latte, trying to be healthy! It was pretty tasty.  
poached eggs, spinach, béarnaise

My breakfast was amazing! Very large portion and quite yummy, the potatoes were really good too! I would stop here when in the area if looking for a bite during the day.  

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