Friday, June 9, 2017

New York City is for Walking

I always say New York City is a fabulous walking city. I hate to have a day planned and see rain in the forecast. Makes me frown! This is the amazing Rosemary's (great name, don't you think?) located on 18 Greenwich Avenue. They open from 7am to 12am so you can enjoy whatever type of fare you desire. A must stop.  
This is New York. You just walk along and see this architecture and you are amazed. This is why you need to get out of Times Square area! Love this !!  
We grabbed one of the Citibikes to Chelsea as there is a street that has some real cool shops. I still prefer to walk than bike. 
We are now in Chelsea at Academy Records West 18th Street and 5th Avenue/ If you love vintage records as well as new and used CD's, this is your heaven. It is fun to spend hours in here just browsing around. 
Krup's Kitchen and Bath is a fabulous place for your chic kitchen appliances. The selection below was in front of the store, and I just had to take photos for my readers. Love it!! 

I just love the detail on these buildings. It would have been great to see them actually carving all this gorgeous work. I get sad when they decide to get rid of old buildings as you are losing so much character for a neighborhood. This is the Trader Joe's in the Mattel Building, just gorgeous!! 
The Vidal Sassoon Salon in Chelsea on West 18th Street. The "master" of the bob style!! 
Ah, the fabulous shop Adorama, on West 18th Street near 6th Avenue, which carries a great selection of cameras and equipment. They also have classes as well, & great refurbished camera equipment which are like brand new, and work very well. I purchase mostly all of my camera items here and am always very satisfied. They are closed on Saturdays, but open Sunday and also during the week.  
Paper Presentation is a FAB shop for gift items, cards and whimsy that just makes you smile. A must stop when in this area, you will not be sorry!! 
I came across this wonderful Uncle Jack's steakhouse on West 56th Street, and I have marked it down to visit for lunch or dinner. If I wasn't walking, I probably would have missed this wonderful restaurant! 

These great shops are mostly on one street, or very near each other. It always amazes me in NYC when you can walk down one street, and find such amazing stores with lots of variety as well. If you know which street to stroll down, it really makes for a lovely afternoon.

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