Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Vine Restaurant Review 2016

When I arrived at the Eventi Hotel, I was pretty hungry. Seeing that they had some 
good restaurants in the hotel, I figured I would try one for breakfast. 
I must say, I was pretty happy I did, and would go back again. 
The Vine has a really cool design, and quite a bit of tables. 
I really loved those lights! So neat! 
How cool is that water bottle? I just LOVED it ! 
I opted for an egg white omelet, chicken sausage and toast was also 
included in the mix. So much food. Yikes. I felt bad as it was not 
going to be finished, but I did my best. Everything was very yummy. 

Spinach and avocado in that omelet made for a tasty breakfast. 
It filled me until I had dinner which was perfect, I can't wait to come 
back with a friend. If you are in this area and looking for a place to dine, 
The Vine is a great option! 
Now that I am full of energy, I can go explore this most 
fabulous city called New York! 

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