Monday, August 1, 2016

The Morgan Library & Museum Gift Shop

We are back at the Morgan Library and Museum, but for some shopping this time! Their gift shop is one of most fabulous in the city. I can't explain to you how fantastic a museum gift shop can be, so many unique items. 
Mr. Morgan's tea makes a fun gift 
Lots of historical books about Mr. Morgan and the fantastic Gilded Age period 
These postcards were so wonderful, great for framing 
They just closed an Andy Warhol exhibit, so a few items were still left in the gift shop. 
Everyone wishes for a mini-Andy, don't they ? 

The most lovely journals can be found here 
Jeff Koons banks make such amazing gifts 
A few more Andy Warhol items 
The jewelry is really lovely, very original 

This necklace spoke to me the whole time I was in the shop, but I am proud to say, it didn't come home with me! 

A really lovely children's section with many books, some classics and some unique to New York and the Morgan Gift Shop. 

I hope this post makes you want to visit this shop. It is a really wonderful place to check out, and you will never be disappointed. They also sell online where you can have items shipped home.

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