Monday, May 23, 2016

La Maison Maille Flatiron Boutique

Isn't that a view that never gets old? We are in the flatiron district visiting our friends LA MAISON MAILLE NEW YORK in their new boutique. I am so thrilled as I am in this area more than the Upper West Side.  
The boutique is really lovely, and near so many great foodie joints! I visited on a Saturday while I met Lisa, who makes great jewelry on Etsy, her shop is Georgie Girl Jewels and you should take a peek!   
The new spring mustards are so darn colorful! Mustard with carrot and a hint of shallot, Mustard with beetroot and a hint of honey, & Mustard with olives and herbes de Provence. How do you choose just one? They have a lovely set of all three available in the shop!  

Mango vinegar! My Dad used to make the best salad dressing with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and a red wine vinegar. It was so good, and healthy for you as well. These products are so good to add flavor for your cuisine, but not salt nor fat. Perfect!  
The boutique is really lovely!  

This is a great place if you are looking for a gift for a foodie, they have wonderful sets that make fabulous surprises for friends/family.  

They have their famous mustard on tap here, if you purchase one, you can then have the crock re-filled once it's all gone. What a great idea!  

Apple Cider Vinegar with honey sounds pretty darn amazing to me! 

Maille is going to be offering mustard making classes at this location which I think sounds like so much fun! Their products are just made with so much care, and the best quality ingredients you can find. You cannot go wrong with any purchase from either of their locations!

New York Flatiron
927 Broadway at 21st Street
New York, 10010
United States
Phone : 9293356610

Monday to Saturday 10am–8pm
Sunday 11am–7pm

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