Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Amazing Doors of Chelsea

The one thing you hear about New York City is "it has so much character" over and over. The dictionary says character is The Mental and Moral Qualities Distinctive to an Individual (or place) and The Distinctive Nature of Something. That is one great way to describe New York City. When you walk some of the fabulous neighborhoods, like the Upper East Side, or Chelsea, you see this wonderful character everywhere. The amazing brownstones, which have been around for decades, are an architectural wonder. Here are some of my shots as I walked around Chelsea, with my camera in hand, enjoying the view of these most fabulous doors!! 

the fabulous Art Deco New York Telephone Company building for Bell Telephone 

I also love the wrought iron designs on the doorsteps. The flower boxes add more charm as well. Have you visited Chelsea? Be sure to go down some of the side streets, to appreciate some of these lovely views!!

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