Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Goldbely Holiday Food Gifts

As you all are pretty aware, I am a total foodie! I think it is so darn cool that we have online access to some of the BEST food items to receive at home. One of my favorite sites, but when  I see that email in my inbox, I get scared at what I will see, is Goldbely. I see many food items in the city I would love to take home, but may not stay fresh during my bus ride home. It's so much easier to be able to order online and be sure your item arrives fresh. I can't help think this is a great site for this time of year, when you have folks you have no idea what to buy for, it really gives you some unique suggestions.
These are some of my favorites they offer from New York City, but they have other US cities available as well.
The famous Magnolia Bakery cupcakes would make anyone smile!! 
Nutella lasagna from Robicelli's Bakery is to die for! 
Amazing NYC pizza delivered right to your door from Roberta's 
Chicken sausage from Esposito's  located in Hells Kitchen 
Underwest Donuts are so talked about as one of the best - how cool to send these to someone as a gift during the holidays! 
For the steak lover, nothing will compare to a gift from Peter Luger Steak House

You can check out all the New York items HERE on their website. I have ordered from Milk Bar before, their cake truffles were available, and I was such a happy person! I love these types of gifts for friends and family who live away, it makes it so much easier for gift giving. I like the idea of seeing various types of food items for purchase all in one location. Whoever came up with the idea for this website is pure genius! 

You can receive $15.00 off your first order with Goldbelly with my special code HERE  which is a great way to start your obsession with this website! When you use this code, we both receive $15.00 off an order from Goldbely which is pretty cool.

Have you ever purchased any items from Goldbely? What did you receive and how did you like it?


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