Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Minamoto Kitchoan on Madison Avenue

I know I always say how there are so many things to see/do in NYC. This is one fine example. Minamoto Kitchoan used to be in the Rockefeller Center area. I did a post on them way back HERE and was amazed by their products. When they moved to Madison Avenue, it took me until recently to pay another visit. I was sorry I waited so long! The new shop is really so lovely, as well as the folks inside who wait on you. This is of course a Japanese Bakery, and a bakery like you have never seen before. Do not be afraid to go in, ask questions and they do let you taste products as well. Are you ready? Here we go .....
Everything here is just displayed so elegantly, you feel bad eating the items! 
I have yet to try one of these, but they are on my list! 
The gift items here are really stunning, wrapping paper so delicate and pretty! 

The items you see here are nothing like you will ever see in a regular bakery! 
I actually tried one of these in Paris Baguette and it was amazing! So so full of flavor, and those thin layers made it so light. I was going to get one here, but they were sold out. I wasn't shocked! 
I tried a sample of one of these and I can't even describe it to you. A total full flavor of peach, if you like peach this would be your choice in this shop. 
I love photographing these items! They are just so darn cool! 
They have some items available, like this Mochi, where you can purchase just one to try. I did that and it was pretty darn tasty. I got the chocolate one. They are a rice cake filled with smooth chocolate cream coated with crunch. 
This is a high quality peach flavor Japanese jelly. What a beautiful gift to give someone, such nice presentation! 
The green tea items were a plenty! I purchased the cake all the way to the left, a sponge cake made with rice flour, which was so light and full of flavor. 
These are a sweet red bean sandwiched between a Japanese-style pancake 

Most people think of ice cream when they hear “mochi,” but our mochi is not an ice cream.  It is a traditional style kneaded rice powder dough covered in green tea powder (maccha).  Enjoy the harmony of sweet red bean paste and maccha powder in a delicate mochi.
I think the decor of the shop is just so delighful. They also have locations in Tokyo, San Francisco, London, Singapore and Shanghi. 

509 Madison Avenue, 
TEL 1-212-489-3747

Have you ever visited a Japanese Bakery? What is your favorite item? 

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