Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New York City's Gorgeous Architecture

Upon a recent visit to the city, I wanted to show you some more detail of the architecture. I find myself researching more about this subject online, as seeing these works of art in person tend to stir my interest. I love looking up at these stunning buildings, and marvel at their beauty. The Waldorf Astoria, a hotel with so much history. 
I just love this photo, which I took with my Samsung Galaxy Note, love that phone! I didn't realize however there was a puddle behind me, and trying to get this shot, I got a bit sprayed when the cabs went by rather quickly! I do not regret it, as this shot came out just too fabulous and screams NYC! 
I loved these details on the Waldorf entrance. The hotel was originally located at 5th and 33rd Street, and was opened by William Waldorf Astor. That area is now the home of the Empire State Building, and the the hotel has been in it's current location since 1931. 
I just thought these were such gorgeous designs, sometimes we tend to walk right past things and not even notice them! 

This was taken inside the hotel, just amazing! 
The Met Life Building opened March 7, 1963 and is in the International Style of architecture. A total beauty to be right in front of you! 
 I captured these next few photos coming from the MAD Museum, so much detail and workmanship. We are really very lucky to have these available to us to view in 2015! 

I really love the fact that no matter how many times you visit New York City, you can always find something new. There is so much to see at every turn, you really have to keep your eyes open at all times. I am so lucky to be able to visit such an amazing city a few times a month, and marvel at what I find. It never gets old, it just gets better!

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